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It doesn't need to be complicated or overwhelming!

You just need to make the decision to want more

out of life.

I'll help you with the rest.

Live Free...
Physically | Emotionally | Financially

How to live a toxic free lifestyle

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Learn how to make natural changes in your home at your own pace & enjoy a clean, safe home with natural alternatives 


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What is your purpose?

How does your energy work?

What are your strengths?

How do you cope when things are out of alignment?

How do you make decisions?


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Let's not get complicated!

I like things simple, clear and to the point. If that's you too, I have all the goodies you need. 

oh hey there!

My name is Loz (aka Lauren)

I have been living a low tox lifestyle for 5 years now and absolutely LOVING IT! 

I had no idea I was living in a toxic soup and exposing my family to so many nasty chemicals when I first started this journey. In 2016 we lost Brad's sister to suicide and that sparked a realisation in me that we could do better in many aspects of our lives. The toxins that we were exposed to every single day were interrupting our gut health, emotional wellbeing, the kids' development and so much more. I decided to make some changes and really started being aware of everything we were putting in and on our bodies... 


You are in the right place if you are...

Ready to live a life free from yucky chemicals

Feeling stuck and need direction

Needing an alternative income

Wanting a lifestyle that gives you the freedoms you have always dreamed of (financial freedom, time freedom)

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