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When purchasing dry or liquid goods, you are welcome to drop off your own jars or containers for us to fill to help reduce waste. 


Notify us once you have placed your order that you will be dropping off your own jars or containers for us to fill.

We will supply you with details on where to place them. 


Drop off your jars and containers. Please ensure your containers are labelled with your full name and are clean.


Your order will be packed into your jars and containers and available the following day (if placed before 5pm) for pick-up or delivery.

Please note: When you choose to bring your own jars or containers, Raw Refill will only pack into these vessels if they are presented clean. In making this decision, we may consider the quality of the container and the likelihood of it being able to taint or compromise the chemical/bacterial quality of the goods we are supplying. When you agree to use your own containers Raw Refill will not be held liable for any contents that have become tainted.

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