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Additional Person - Human Design Reading

Someone you would like to add to your family reading? Select this option.

  • 30 min
  • 280 Australian dollars
  • I will contact you to arrange time for reading

Service Description

HD is a system discovered 30 years ago that maps out your genetic expression based on the time and place that you were born. Everyone has energy and HD is like a roadmap on how to best use yours. The people you spend time with condition you in different areas of your energy depending on your chart (defined vs undefined centres). You also condition those around you (including your kids) without even realising it. Even if nothing is said, the energy exchange is conditioning others around. Everyone is going to raise their children according to what works for them. What’s important is that every child is different and we need to be conscious as mums/dads and a community to raise them & love them according to what comes to them naturally rather than imposing on them what we think is best for them - conditioning them according to society or your personal experiences. Once you understand your chart, you and your family will live more in flow. Family rates available (15% discount), see bookings page. ** Please note the date you select is not the date of your reading. I will contact you to organise a day and time to connect and go through your Human Design!!! Alternatively, you can opt to have the recording sent to you rather than attending a Zoom call with me. You will receive the same information (and a recording) either way.

Contact Details


Agnes Water QLD, Australia

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